Audacity doesn't start[SOLVED]

Hi all,
I never had any problem with this great software (I installed it about two weeks ago completing succesfully a number of recordings) until today, when I tried to open it without success.

I’m a Os X 10.6.8 user. The issue I experience is that the process remains in memory, fans work a lot, but the gui doesn’t start and I have to force quit it.

I had the last official version, I tried to remove and reinstall, as well as downgrade with a previous version or upgrade with a nightly build, but the problem remains the same.

Any help really appreciated.

Have you added new plug-ins since the problem started?

Have you tried the procedure here ?

If this doesn’t help can you find the Mac Crash Reports? Open Finder, then choose Go > Go to Folder and type:


Attach the latest crash report for Audacity. Please see here for how to attach files: .


Wow. The config.cfg reset procedure solved the problem!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: