audacity doesn't show menu bar

I am using Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon. I am install audacity 2.4.2 via ppa(ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/audacity). it’s doesn’t show menu bar at the top of audacity. And i also try restart my pc, change current theme to default theme, update the system and logout login these are doesn’t work. so please help me. below image is shows how audacity looks like
I try Alt+F it’s only show submenu option not full menu bar. see the below image for better understand what i tell about

Do other apps show a menu at the top?
If so, as a test, try installing “FileZilla” and see if that has menus.


It must be related to the Apple-like theme you are using. I’m using the same version of Audacity from PPA on both Mint 20 and 20.1 Cinnamon and the menu bar shows when using a standard Mint theme.