I have Windows 10 and I have Audacity for a long time ago. Recently I’ve been recording two times. Now that I’m recording a new one (in the same project) I see that when I finish the record, the sound line is straight, like a record without audio. When I’m recording, I can see the mic is working… I would like help to my problem

Thank you at all

Please tell us which Audacity version you have, all three numbers as requested in the pink panel at the top of the page.

Assuming you have not done File > Save Project…, where is the Audacity temporary directory set to? You can check that at Edit > Preferences… then the “Directories” section.

Versions of Audacity before the current 2.1.2 set the default Audacity temporary directory to a location that cleanup tools are very likely to interfere with. If those tools delete your recordings, they are gone, short of using file recovery software and assuming you have old spinning disks.

If you use 2.1.2 from, Audacity uses a safer location that cleanup applications won’t interfere with.

The quick fix is to File > Save Project… before starting to record, saving to your Music or Documents folder. Or, change the temp directory away from your AppData\Local\Temp folder to somewhere in your user space that is not a “temp” location.

Also make sure in Directories Preferences that you have enough disk space, whatever Audacity version you use.