Audacity does or does not make audio recompression ?

Audacity does or does not make audio recompression ?
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If I have to cut 10 seconds of AC3 audio in Audacity , and then export this audio ac3 , it will have undergone a recompression
losing its original fidelity ?

Say if I import a pure AC3 to Audacity, and then export without applying anything in ac3 , when I export in AC3 will be a new audio ac3 converted ?
Move with audio for video and precise fidelity to the original file , to cut the original file in seconds and export without losing bits of audio if Audacity does not serve for that tell me , porfavor , or indicate me a topic about it , thank you !!!

Yes, it will be re-compressed. Like most audio editors, Audacity de-compresses the file when you open it. If you export to a lossy format there is an additional generation of lossy compression.

Some video editors can “smart render”, where only the changed audio/video is re-rendered. But I don’t know if any of these can edit and smart render an audio-only file.

MP3directCut can edit MP3 and AAC files without re-compressing.


Here are a couple of links that might help.,65533.msg584962.html#msg584962