Audacity does not record and won't download

For the past few days, I have been having issues with Audacity.
1- the wavelength was not showing on the screen but it was recording fine (I used a scarlett interface in input and headphones in output)
2- It was showing the wavelength when the sound was being recorded through the computer
3- It stopped recording at all, whether through the computer or scarlett
I spent hours relaunching it and closing it

I decided to install the new update (I am not sure what update I had before) and it won’t download. It’s stuck halfway. I have a Mac running on High Sierra 10.13.4

Thank you for your help!

Windows guy. Do you mean it’s stuck downloading ? or installing?

On Windows I just restart my download. You can download from here: Audacity ® | Downloads

If my machines locks up somehow, I reboot it. Fortunately it doesn’t happen often for me. :wink:

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