audacity does not play .mp3 file, recorded from mobile phone

Hi friends,
I am using recently installed AUDACITY 2.3.3 program on my HP Laptop with Windows 10 Home.
I play steel Lap guitar.
When I record a .mp3 file on my mobile phone, save it on my Google drive, and then try to open the same on my Laptop>my drive… download folder, and run thru Audacity, it does not load the file in the work area. A very small some noise like data of a few milli-seconds is loaded instead.
This “problematic” .mp3 file is otherwise playable on my Laptop in other software like ‘windows media player, Groove music, VLC etc’

The Audacity is able to play/edit any other .mp3 file otherwise saved on my Laptop, but only those coming from my mobile phone thru Google drive are not playable.
I tried to check in the edit>preferences>advance section if there is any encryption problem.
I am not sure if the “problematic” file should be attached here, but I am including just in case it might help to diagnose the problem.
Any Help/suggestions please ?
-Arun Karkare

It’s NOT an MP3. :wink: It’s AAC (MP4/M4A). I checked it with [u]MediaInfo[/u].

Change the name to .AAC.

Then if you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to install the optional FFmpeg import/export library so that Audacity can open it. Download & run [u]ffmpeg-win-2.2.2.exe[/u] to install it.