Audacity does not pick up my USB Mic

Hi I am Darin.
I have Audacity 2.1.2 on my Dell Laptop. I am using Windows 8.
I have a Shure SM 58 mic with a USB connector (Shure X2U).
I am trying to connect it to Audacity to record my podast but the mic is not being picked up by Audacity…
When i go to preference and Device, i don’t see my mic there.
Please advise. Thank you.


Restart Audacity.

Audacity checks for devices when it starts. If you plugged in the X2U after Audacity started, it will be invisible.

You can also use Transport > Rescan…

Let us know how you like your X2U. We’re always on the lookout for different sound devices.


Thank you very much. I followed your instructions and they helped.
The USB works well.