Audacity does not open

Audacity 2.0.4
mac OS X 10.8.4

I uninstalled previous version and install the newest but whenever I click on the icon to open Audacity it takes ages and then I get a window asking me which VST plugins I want to use. Then it crashes.

Please help

Audacity probably crashes on one of the VST plug-ins (if you left them all enabled in the list) or one of your Audio Unit plug-ins (which are loaded automatically).

Please attach the Mac crash report (please see here for how to attach files: ).

Or have a look at this help page: . If a VST plug-in is cited in the crashed thread in the report, then you can uncheck it in the VST list when you start Audacity, and Audacity will then start if that was the only problem plug-in.


Please see Audacity Crash report attached

Audacity Crash Report.txt (135 KB)

The report is not very clear but the problem is probably Waves v9 Audio Units which are not currently compatible with Audacity.

So follow Missing features - Audacity Support to either disable Audio Units in audacity.cfg, or move the folder “/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/WaveShell-AU 9.0.component” somewhere Audacity cannot find it, like your Desktop. Note that doing that would mean that your other programs would not find Waves either unless you could tell those programs where Waves had moved to.