Audacity do not work on windows

I wanted to try the new features of this version of Audacity, and I decided to download the alpha version of or something like that.
But when running it shows me error saying that a dll file is missing.
I researched on the web and found the file, but when executing it asks me for another file.
This happened for 3 files.
When I did not show error of lack of dll it says that the program can not find the point of entry in one of these dll libraries added.

The alpha versions on FossHub are not official releases, but are “builds” made by developers, for testing purposes only. Most, or all of the Windows builds are built on Windows 10, and are unlikely to include the Windows dll’s for earlier versions of Windows.

If you can wait a while, there should be a “release candidate” coming out soon (I’d guess within the next month or two). This should be a properly packaged version that should work on Windows Vista and later.

This only happens on some Windows machines - in my case my two laptops download and run the 2.3.0 alpha just fine - but my notebook has that issue and wont run the 2.3.0 alphas.

This is a known Priority 1 bug - which is potentially blocking the release - it is a “must-fix” - see:

Thanks for taking the trouble to report this though.