Audacity do not accept to run !

I have download Audacity (audacity-win-2.0.3.exe) and succefully install it, but after it do not accept to start !
I receive a small windows telling that (I translate from french… " This programm has not started because its configuration is incorrect. Try to reinstall…" and nothing more…
I have uninstall, re-download and reinstall 3 times with exactly the same results.
My configuration is:
Computer ACER Aspire T120, 512Mb, 80Gb. Not connected to something, except a display, keyboard, mouse and a Nvidia graphic board…(It’s a computer only used for software testing) running an old Windows XP sp2
No other application except Acrobat reader…
Is network or something else necessary ?? What is the configuration necessary ?
I will try to reinstall Windows… :unamused:



You need to install the appropriate Microsoft “Redistributable Package” as described here:

Thank you !
Sorry, I had look for the FAQ, but probably not in the right chapter…