Audacity detects voice, not accompaniment

I’m trying to make a vocal recording, me singing to accompaniment. I have done this 100 times before, and never had problems. Not recently though. I may not be remembering every button to push, setting, etc. Just upgraded to Audacity 3.2.3. Accompaniment is played by Mac Music, channeled via USB to my Yamaha MG10XU mixer, with a Behringer UCA 202 interface between to eliminate bleedover between the accompaniment channel and vocal channel. Singing through a studio mike, with phantom power turned on, plugged into the mixer. Monitoring through headphones, I hear both accompaniment and my voice. However, Audacity detects only my voice when recording. Accompaniment tracks are flatlined, tho when I turn up volume I can faintly hear the music. I first connected the USB, then opened Audacity. Mac sound preferences are USB Audio CODEC on both output and input. Audacity preferences are: Host: Core Audio, Playback Device: USB Audio CODEC, Recording Device: USB Audio CODEC. Using Mac Ventura 13.1 Any ideas?? --Tom in Texas

ALSO… If I bypass the Behringer interface, Audacity picks up the accompaniment. But it bleeds through to the vocal channel when I try to record vox. --TnT

Sometimes you just need to get out the manual and do the leg work. You can download your mixer manual from here:

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I REMEMBER! I’m supposed to import the accompaniment from an mp3! Not record it all over again! Duh.