Audacity Desktop Icon

I installed Audacity 2.0.5 on computer with unattended install:

audacity-win-2.0.5.exe /verysilent /norestart /mergetasks="!desktopicon"​

Everything is OK. Desktop icon is not created.

When new user (in domain) login to computer, desktop icon is created on the first logon.

Is it possible do disable creation of desktop icon?

Thanks for help in advance!

What exact path, for example on that user’s Desktop? is this when logging in, or when launching Audacity?

Is this a Windows behaviour rather than an Audacity behaviour? You haven’t said what version of Windows you are using.

I cannot replicate the problem on Windows 8.1 if I install Audacity as Admin using the GUI installer (without creating a Desktop icon) then log in as a standard user or launch the installed version.