Audacity Deleting Whilst Recording

Hi Guys

Me and my friend recently starting using audacity to record a podcast we do for a bit of fun. However most of the time when we record we get through about 40 minutes of the podcast with audacity working fine and then we will just notice that the grey bar of the previous 40 minutes has turned into a straight line and everything we have just recorded is gone and cant be recovered. As you can imagine to go through that much recording and then to lose it all is frustrating. Another note is that when it does happen audacity says the hard drive is full yet theres over 900gb space on it. If anyone knows anything we can do I would really appreciate your help.

Many Thanks


Norton or some cleanup application has very likely deleted your recording because it monitors Audacity’s temporary directory for cleanup. If Norton is the cause, turn off its “Windows temporary file cleaner”.

Another solution in Audacity is to open Edit > Preferences… then “Directories”. Change the directory to your Desktop or Music folder. Or, save a project before recording, also to your Desktop or Music folder.

For the upcoming 2.1.2 release of Audacity, we have changed the default Audacity temporary directory so that it is not at risk of cleanup.