Audacity Deleting Parts of a Recording

I use audacity to record audio for my youtube channel. In editing I go to sync it up to the video and it seems to delete sections of the recording. I tend to record anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes. Does anyone know whats happening?

Audacity shouldn’t be “accidently” deleting parts of your audio. Can you give us more detail about what you’re doing?

Usually, synchronization has to be done with your video editor. Or generally, you can extract the (already synchronized) audio for editing and as long as you don’t make any cuts & splices or do anything that affects the timing, the audio should remain sync’d when you re-combine it with the video.

Sometimes just editing the audio & video together with a video editor, or converting to a different A/V format, can throw the audio & video out of sync. This tends to happen more frequently with the highly compressed formats (MPEG-4, etc.) and some files seem to be more prone to it than others.