audacity deleted my files?

Hey I’m completely new to audacity :slight_smile: I have Audacity 2.3.0

So I’ve been playing with audacity for a few weeks, and had 3 projects (project 1, project 2 and ‘ad libs’)
My laptop is an HP, so therefore it likes to crash on me a lot. When it crashes, there is nothing you can do but just shut down the laptop and switch it back on. I had no worries about this, because although I had project 2 (highlight ONLY project 2) actually open at the time, I had already saved it.

However, when I restart my computer, and open audacity, Audacity has the pop up with

‘Automatic Crash Recovery: We’ve recovered some projects that weren’t saved properly’

and project 2, the file that was open, is available to recover. I’m like okay let me recover it, and then Audacity says that the file location doesn’t exist?? As in, even if the file hadn’t saved when the laptop shut down, why would audacity then go and remove the file data (the file is still on my computer, but when I click it it says it doesn’t exist - I’ve gone to the recycling bin its not there)

FURTHERMORE, I try to open project 1, which is older than project 2 but I haven’t lost everything, but then it says ‘project 2 doesn’t exist’ Yes project TWO
Furthermore, the project ‘ad-libs’ is absolutely nowhere to be found. Nowhere. Why has audacity deleted files that weren’t open at the point of shut down?
I entered C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local\Audacity\SessionData into my computer, and I have absolutely no session data.

Please help as this is just confusing to me

(nothing is recorded by any external devices - just mp3s from my computer)

My laptop is an HP, so therefore it likes to crash on me a lot.

I would so totally start there.

There are tools to check the integrity of your hard drive and memory. If you have external devices, microphones, “USB Other,” a ratty connection can cause very serious Windows problems.

There is a British phrase. Your computer is not “Suitable for Purpose”.

Audacity writes the AUP Project Manager file last. If the computer takes a dive before the file gets done, you can easily turn a Project into trash. If you save Projects as different show names, I would expect the last shows but this one to survive. If you routinely update one show, then one crash can destroy everything.

Unless you resolve the problem, you are just going to create more damage down the line.