Audacity Data Folder Issue

Good Day,

I was helping another person learn how to use Audacity 2.3.1. While she was demonstrating the steps to save a project, we encountered an issue we are hoping to have solved. The project was saved correctly on her Desktop. Normally when that happens the .AUP file is created along with a folder that ends in the name “_data.” However, on her device instead of the folder materializing, two placeholder icons showed up that looked like blank files. When she closed the project after saving, the two files with the blank file icon disappeared but the .aup file remained.

Oddly enough, her project does open correctly. We are just trying to figure out where the content in the _data folder lives because when she is done saving the raw audio, she needs to send me the project compressed so I can edit the audio on her behalf. When she tries to search for the name of the Audacity project, only the .aup file shows. No folders show up in her search.

Any idea why this might be happening? We are hoping to have this issue rectified quickly because audio recording needs to be done on her end by Wednesday.

It sounds to me as though you were working with 3.0.0 or 3.0.2 - abd not 2.3.1

With version 3.x we changed to a single integrtaed project file wher the AUP3 file conrains all the data. While the project is open there are two temporary project files (.wal and .shm). These two files get deleted when you cah the project.

So .aup3 contains the entire project. To make it a bit smaller for sending tou can ZIP it.