Whenever I want to export a audio file, I press export and press save. Right after I press save, Audacity freeze.When I click the window it gives like a DING sound on Windows. Whenever I tried saving it as like a WAV, MP3 and everything. And I am creating a video so I need this badly. All of my audio is finished, edited, and ready. It is just exporting it. So can someone please report back? Thx

Trying Exporting the work with a very simple filename like myfile . No punctuation, no dots, no dates and no spaces. Do you have room on your drive to save the work?


Did you use the metadata editor while the show was open? Older Audacity versions didn’t like it if you used some punctuation marks in metadata.

Which Audacity do you have and which Windows?


I tried doing a simple file name like mygraphic but that wont work. And I can’t even go on edit metadata because Audacity will freeze again.

By the way I have both Auacity 2.0.6 and 2.1.0 build. I have Windows 8.1. I tried the methods u suggested on both Audacity versions, and still same result.

Where are you exporting to?
Exporting to external drives can cause problems, especially network drives.
Exporting to a location for which you do not have full read/write permission will fail.

I tried exporting it to the desktop, then that didn’t work, then the hard drive, that wont work. I litterly tried everywhere.

This isn’t a known problem, so we need to work out why your setup is behaving differently from everyone else’s.
What settings do you have in “Edit > Preferences > Extended Import”?

Does the export dialogue disappear?

Follow these instructions to show hidden files and folders. In UsersAppDataRoamingAudacity , delete audacity.cfg. This gives you factory fresh settings when you launch 2.1.0. Then try exporting from Audacity 2.1.0 to your Desktop.