Audacity crashing


I have Audacity 2.0.3, and it’s just started crashing every time I try to do any operation in my project. I’m working on a MacBook Air, Mac OS X 10.6.8, and my software updates are current.

I can open my project, but as soon as I do anything (including press ‘play’), I get the rainbow spinning wheel, and it doesn’t go away unless I force quit. When the problem started it said I had orphan block files (? or something similar) not used by this project - I tried leaving them and it kept crashing, and deleting them still had no change.

Thanks for any advice or ideas you have!


Did the orphan block files message appear after a crash? It should not appear in most other circumstances.

If you have imported WAV or AIFF files into this project I would suggest looking at File > Check Dependencies. If there are files noted in red as MISSING, try moving the files into the path suggested in the Dependencies Dialogue.

If that does not help, I suggest exporting as a WAV file from the project, quit Audacity, import the WAV into a new empty project and save the project as a different name. If you have multiple tracks that you don’t want to mix down, select each track in turn and File > Export Selection. You can also export a label track from the File Menu if your project has a label track.


Brilliant, thanks Gale.