Audacity crashing while recording

I’m new to Audacity, trying to use it to digitize old audio tapes. I’m running audacity 3.4.2 on Manjaro Linux.

I’m finding that Audacity is suddenly and unexpectedly terminating itself (the gui closes down, no processes are left running) in the middle of input. I have not yet managed to digitize a whole tape because of this. When I restart Audacity, it does offer to recover the project.

Is there any debugging I can do easily to try to find the cause of this problem? I an running it on a recent laptop with 32GB of memory, so I assume it is unlikely to be a hardware issue.

Thanks for any advice


It you’re using a USB connection, I suspect a flakey connection. Maybe try a different USB cable or a different port, and/or don’t touch anything while recording.

I can try using a different usb cable. It certainly isn’t me disturbing the connection, as I started by leaving it untouched in a different room while its running.

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