Audacity crashing when launching

HI all,
I’m on 6 year old macbook, running OSX 10.6.8, Snow Leopard, and up til a couple of days ago, I had no problems with Audacity. I am running the latest version. For the last several days, Audacity when launched will give me the spinning beach ball of candy, then stop. When I look at the “force close” window, it shows that the application has stopped responding. Now, I did have an issue in GarageBand and a outdated/corrupt plugin which was fixed, and I thought that the same plugin was causing the issue. Nope. So, I deleted, downgraded, same thing. deleted the earlier version, reinstalled the current, still it stops responding. deleted, installed on an 8 gig thumbdrive, same thing.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

outdated/corrupt plugin which was fixed,

Fixed or removed? Yes, you can cause Audacity to melt with a bad effects plugin. Did you search the machine and make sure no trace of the plugin was left in some of the universal folders?

installed on an 8 gig thumbdrive

Do you boot from the thumb drive? Did you install Audacity in special “portable” configuration? If neither, then Audacity will keep going back to the original setup files which may be corrupt.

Just to cover it, did you run Go > Utilities > Disk Utilities > Verify Disk?

I vote for one of the other elves to check in. There are magic processes to follow to recover Audacity from bad effects and plugins.

One of the things to know, though, is you don’t reinstall Audacity by reinstalling Audacity. You do it by resetting a preference file.

Scroll down.


I’m not a Mac Elf, but there are some magical incantations for Mac OS X here:

That’s it.
You may need to open the windows a bit to get rid of the sulpher smell.

Let us know if you have any questions with that part.

That should restart Audacity from First Birthday.