Audacity crashing when adding various effects

I have Audacity 2.2.1 with Windows 10.0.16299 Audacity crashes every time I add various effects to my guitar recording. Its somewhat intermittent and seems to crash at different times when various effects are applied. Some of the effects that cause the crash are Guitar Rig 5, Boss SD1, JCM900, Tube Screamer. Not only is audacity crashing but it then corrupts my file so all my work is all lost. Its telling me files are in different folders, and if I open some files will be silent… ?? or something. I don’t have time to figure this all out, and I don’t want to risk it anymore. I’m too nervous to trust the program now. Just posting this in case it helps future users. Its bad enough to crash but to also corrupt the file is bad. I’ve lost hours of work.

I’m too nervous to trust the program now.

Let us know what you settle on.


We at Audacity cannot control the quality of third-party plug-ins that you choose to add to your system - that is down to the third party supplying the plug-in

You really should be making backups of your project at various key stages (in your case particularly after recording and before applying any of those potentially dodgy effects).

You can use File > Save Project as … to create copies of your project at different stages.


Also, Audacity is known to have problems with “security” (ant-piracy) measures that some plug-ins use. In particular, Audacity does not support iLok authentication.