Audacity Crashing over and over

Getting notice over and a over about last open file wasn’t closed correctly. So, follow directions and as soon as I touch the keyboard, it crashes again, I mean like it wasn’t in the middle of editing one of my songs. Also, if click to drag something, you can’t see until you take your finger off of the mouse. I uninstalled and reinstalled more than 5 times, nothing helped.


Do you still have this problem:

Now, when the end of a song is reached, Audacity shuts off. Then, when you open it back up, it shows that the previous project was shut down incorrectly. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I can’t do any editing at all. This started yesterday. Please do whatever you need to do or tell me what I need to do. I purchased Mix Pad Multi track Recording Software and Wave Pad Sound Editor but I can’t figure out how either of those work.

Is your project on a network drive? This can cause all kinds of problems. Try moving the project to a local drive.

Does this happen with all projects or with one in particular?

Does this happen on a new project ?

When dragging something with the cursor, you can’t see it move until you stop which makes it very frustrating to zero in on something when editing small or large items.

I don’t have this problem on my Windows 10 machine with Audacity 3.2.4. Does this happen on a new project or only on an existing project? Can you provide more details ?

Windows 10, Audacity 3.2.4
When trying to drag with the cursor, it can’t be seen until you take your finger off of the mouse, so when scrubbing, you can’t tell where you are. It’s hard to get very close when you can’t see what you’re dragging.

Audacity starts and stops too often when you start up.

Mike Forbess

Mike, I don’t think that posting the same thing over and over, without any further explanation or details, will achieve anything, especially as you can’t even be bothered to offer the courtesy of responding to replies.

Please provide more details. Do you get any error messages ? Have you tried rebooting ?