Audacity crashing on Stop

Hi Team,

I have recently joined this forum not finding option to put my post on which I need support.

I am using Audacity 2.2.2 and using M-Track 2X2 for recording. Since I am beginner so I import karaoke sound and added mono track, I started recording everything goes well but when I am clicking stop the Audacity getting hanged with error “Not Responding”. After closing the audacity window, I need to restart my system to open audacity again.

I though it could be my system issue so tried on various laptops but end up with same result.

Please help… :frowning:

Ensure that you have the correct drivers installed for the 2X2 (drivers available here:

I am done with everything like downloading correct driver… Reinstalling window… Etc etc
With every recording software it is gettimg freeze…
Humble request to pls support n resolve my issuee

Which indicates that the problem is not the recording software.
If the hardware is not functioning correctly, then software will not be able to use it correctly.

Does that mean that you have downloaded the correct drivers from m-audio and they are now installed?

I am quite confident tht I hv installed correct driver but to be doible sure since u hv raised so I m attaching the pic of MAudio device tht I am using n also system confirguration.

If u still believe tht I shud try with another driver thn let me knw the driver exact name or link

Look in the Windows Sound Control Panel. Is the M-Audio 2x2 listed in both the Recording and Playback tabs?

If u see the pic attached in previous post, u can see tht I hv selected maudio for recording and playback

No, I don’t see that.

If u really wanna help thn we can connect over team viewer as per ur convenient time

I don’t have TeamViewer, and I’m not interested in installing it. If I took control of your computer, then I could potentially be liable for any damage to your computer and / or data. I have no intention of accepting any liability for your computer.

Do be very careful about allowing others to take control of your computer, especially people that you don’t know.

I really appreciate n I do agree with ur thought.

To ur point, I hv dedicated laptop for recording purpose with no data and if u feel comfortable thn I can assure u from my side tht will not blaim u for anything since u r helping me out.