Audacity Crashing On "File Export" Debian 11

Hi Audacity Forum,

Just wanted to post about the issue I was having to be of help to anyone else in the same situation. I’m running Debian 11 Bullsye with Gnome on an AMD Ryzen Thinkpad T14 and Audacity 3.0.5 using the provided AppImage.

When I would click File — “Export as WAV” (Or other export options) for any project, even a newly recorded wav file, Audacity would crash immediately before even opening up the directory listing.

I ended up fixing it by running audacity using sudo. Then I realized another solution would be to just delete the ~/.audacity and ~/.audacity-data folders. I ended up doing this and downgrading to the Audacity to the Debian stable 2.x* release and will dabble with 3.x* again later. I’ve attached the logs that Audacity gave me to report.
Audacity Logs.txt (60.4 KB)

Thanks for the report.

Deleting the folders ~/.audacity and ~/.audacity-data is the much better solution. You should never run anything as sudo unless you specifically want to modify the system (such as installing software).