Audacity Crashing and Losing All Audio

So editing as normal, then suddenly all my audio is wiped out and it says that where it normally saves that it is now full. Which is incorrect because it has over 800 GB of free space. Audacity is no longer responding to my edits. I reinstalled the app on my Windows desktop. Redownloaded my audio just case the audio is corrupted, it did the same thing. Not sure where to go from there.

You seem to be missing some steps here… Did you abort Audacity in the interim, and did you give it chance to recover the project? Did you get the same error there ?

…So I’m just trying to understand your situation here. Do you care to provide a screen shot of the “now full” error message ?

When reinstalling Audacity, be sure to uninstall the old version(s) first. You can download the current (3.3.3) version from here: Audacity ® | Downloads

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