Audacity crashes whenever I use my external mic

I have an external blue yeti mic (connects thru USB) and whenever I try to record with it, Audacity crashes after a second (you see the recording bar trying to move, freezes, and then everything crashes) . :confused: I switched to the built-in mic on my laptop and everything is fine. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Are you connecting through an adapter to a Thunderbolt port?

Which OS-X? I’m typing on a Mini under 10.9.5. I use Audacity 2.1.0, even though it’s not current.


Without running Audacity, do you hear sound if you plug your earbuds into the Yeti headphone connection on the bottom?


Why is that?


What version of Audacity? See the pink panel at the top of the page.

Have you reset the System Management Controller? See if there is something here that helps Audacity locking up issue - #28 by cyrano

You can also post the Audacity crash report from /Applications/Utilities/


Why is that?

Same reason I use Mavericks instead of Yosemite. I have the entirely unfashionable idea that the software should do what I want instead of compulsively updating to the latest version and taking my chances. I have a little thrill watching people update to beta (or even alpha) software and then complaining about bad behavior.

“Thank you for being a Beta Tester.”

Clients tend to not care about being a beta tester.

I do use Audacity 2.1.2 for support, so I’m seeing the same panels and displays as everybody else.

It’s looking good I will shortly be joining the Yosemite gaggle. I’m generating work that requires a lighter and more portable machine. I checked behind the sofa seat cushions and there was more back there than I thought. Between that and the change cup from Lori (my lorry) I may be able to spring for extra memory.

Can’t have too much memory.

Have you seen my keys?

The new machine will come with Yosemite.



Persnally I enjoy the thrill of living Audacity’s bleeding alpha edge :nerd: :sunglasses:

On the other hand, the newest version of Audacity has fixed a bunch of problems that I’d been having: crash after a long recording session (no data lost, but some time) or after a period of inactivity when the mac had gone to sleep; and alert windows on reopening, and logs created (which I could never find) etc etc etc.
But after upgrading to the newest version, none of that!! And it wasn’t until just today that I noticed that the effects tool bar allows me to import plug-ins instead of using the finder to move them into the new plug-ins folder.
Bravo! Loving it!

I wonder how moosicle is doing.


I think most of that improvement was due to upgrading to a newer version of wxWidgets. We knew about those crashes but most of us have Mac Minis and could not reproduce them.

However on my Mac Mini (only 4 GB RAM and ~2 GHz) Audacity dialogues like How to get Help and open/save dialogues are slower to open in 2.1.2 than in 2.1.1, and show black content while loading. Also I don’t see the Audacity open/save dialogues starting small and getting larger that some people are complaining about (I think it’s a Mac “effect” that the new version of wxWidgets now supports).

Do I assume you have a more powerful Mac than I?


Hi Koz
I’m using 10.11.1 OSX
My yeti plugs in to my laptop via the USB port
I tried with the headphones, and tried to play music on my laptop. The sound just comes out of the external speakers on my laptop, but I do hear a quiet static-y sound from the earphones when I plug them into the yeti.

Hi Gale
I’ve opened up the console app but how do I post the crash report… and how do I know which one is the crash report? :frowning: and how do I post it? Should I take a screenshot?

If you want to play audio from Audacity to the Yeti, you must choose Yeti as the playback device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar.

If you want to play audio from iTunes or Finder to the Yeti, you must open System Preferences, then Sound, and choose Yeti as the playback device.


In, look in the tree on the left. Scroll down and look under FILES for /Library/Logs (not ~/Library/Logs, though sometimes hang reports may be there).

Double-click that /Library/Logs line to expand it. In the expanded list under /Library/Logs, find “Diagnostic Reports” and double-click to expand that line. You should now see the Audacity crash reports listed in the tree, latest crash last.

You can now right-click the line in the tree for that report and choose “Reveal in Finder”, or (with the line for that report still selected) use File > “Save a Copy As” in Console’s File menu.

See here for how to attach files to a Forum post: