Audacity crashes when your downloading

So I click record, and nothing happens, and then Audacity crashes. Should I try closing and restarting my computer? I just don’t want to loose everything I have on this project right now, and I don’t have the flashdrive I save it all onto right now… so I’m kind of stuck. I think I might have too many things downloading as well, that could be a problem.

OK, I tried again, and this time it went… now that my downloads finished. Before I’ve downloaded things while pressing record and it went just fine, and the file I downloaded this time was only like 7.9 mb. It’s just really weird. I guess I just won’t download things while trying to record, but what else am I supposed to do while waiting for things to download :laughing:

Anyway, has anyone else had this happen before?

Multitasking is ‘THE PROBLEM’ with audio and computers. :imp: The operating system is always multitasking, even when you’re running only one application but of course running multiple applications and doing multiple things at once just makes it harder.

When you record the digital audio data streams-in a smooth-constant rate and it goes into a buffer (a little memory like a holding tank). Then when the operating system gets around to it, it reads the buffer and sends the data to the hard drive in a quick burst. If some application/process/driver “hogs the system” for a few milliseconds too ling, you get buffer overflow and a glitch ([u]dropouts[/u]). But, it’s rare to get a full-crash.

If you’re recording streaming audio, then of course the stream may be interrupted by other downloading/action over the network.

You can try increasing the [u]Latency/Buffer Length[/u].

When you play-back the audio goes into a buffer in a quick-burst and it flows-out at a smooth-even rate. In this case, the danger is buffer underflow.

Now I know the full process of a computer crash :laughing: Good information though. They need to make a new computer THAT DOESN’T CRASH. That would be something nice, and then I could multitask. Well, thanks for the information, I’ll just keep in mind NOT to do that again. I wasn’t live streaming, but I was about to :open_mouth: