Audacity crashes when selecting Effect > Equalization

Mac OS: 10.13.6
Audacity: 2.2.2

When I select a shorter track (~50 secs), click on Effect and then Equalization, Audacity crashes. I followed some of the steps found here:

When I went to Library > App Support > Audacity and deleted EQCurves.xml and repeated, crashes at the same point. When I went back in and deleted pluginregisty.cfg, pluginsettings.cfg, and audacity.cfg, I was able to get into the Equalization settings. But once in there, if I click on the ‘Graphics’ button, it immediately crashes.

I’ve attached the Audacity debug report .zip file. For context: On Friday, I downloaded FFmpeg and LAME from here: and didn’t have a problem with the Equalization effect before doing that. Might well be coincidental!

Any help y’all can provide is appreciated! (6.96 KB)

I think this may be due to a bug which has now been fixed.
Although not generally recommended for production work, if you feel adventurous you could try this “Audacity 2.3.0 alpha” version here:
Let us know how you get on.

Thanks, Steve.

Gave it a go but had the same result, only this time, it didn’t generate a .zip file for the debug ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ll keep an eye out for updates and will try Effect > Equalization periodically.

Just an update here: I was able to use the EQ effect in 2.2.2 on a single, ~4 minute audio track no problem. It still crashes on a multi-track, ~20 minute project.

If you look on the left end of the tracks, each track says what its sample rate is. For example, it may say “Mono 44100Hz”, which means that it is a mono track and the sample rate is 44100 Hz. What does it say for the tracks in the project where you have this problem? Also, what is the “Project Rate” (shown in the lower left corner of the main Audacity window)?

I checked, Steve, and there are some mismatches in the project that crashes: 2 tracks are Mono 32000Hz, 2 are Mono 44100Hz, and 1 is Stereo 44100Hz. Project Rate is 32000Hz.

That’s not an area I’ve touched before, but on all my prior, single-track projects, it’s defaulted to 44100Hz.

Appreciate you following up in here!