Audacity crashes when I boot up a game

I’m on windows 10, I like to record myself playing video games I use Hauppage Hdpvr 2 to record footage, and audacity to record my audio but when I try to boot a PC game(rather then record a console game) it causes audacity to instantly crash and I cant figure out the problem, keep in mind its only audacity that has a problem, everything else will continue to run fine but when a game boots audacity disappears and when I close the game audacity will reappear with the message that it crashed.
I’ve only tried with Mtg arena & RE3 but even so the problem exists.

when I try to boot a PC game it causes audacity to instantly crash

So it’s a video conflict. The game initializes the video service and the next time Audacity tries to step on it, it’s not there.

Can you start the game and then launch Audacity?

Another possibility is the game launches in screen paging mode which is why Audacity reappears when you close the game. The game screen pages out.

All games do that or just the one you want to use?

I see. The PVR2 doesn’t record your voice. Can you record your voice on your phone until we get this sorted?