Audacity Crashes when creating a new Macro when Insert or Edit is clicked

I’ve repeatedly tried to create my first Macro but Audacity always crashes.

Having selected “Macro Manager” then “New”, naming the macro then clicking on “Insert” or “Edit” causes an immediate crash with “Excception code 0xc0000005”,
and here is the first part of the crash report…

Crash address: 0x30 …

By contrast, using the provided macros eg. “MP3 Conversion” works OK.

Searching the Forum, I’ve noticed that this error message is quite common but the message does not help me to track down what is responsible for the crash.

Apart from this error, Audacity is working OK.

I wonder if anybody has had a similar experience when creating a macro and has found a way to solve their particular problem.

I cannot reproduce this on W10 with the latest 3.5.1 release of the alpha test build for the upcoming 3.6.0


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