Audacity crashes opening files

I have the same trouble I have mac intel mountain lion 10.8.2
When I try to upload the song i say AUDACITY QUIT UNEXPECTEDLY click report to see more detailed information and send a report to apple.
I knew I made a mistake when I upgrade to mountain lion. Mac is good but any time you upgrade you asking for troubles.

This doesn’t sound like the problem where Audacity doesn’t open due to plug-ins or due to security restrictions, so I started a new topic.

Please try just double-clicking the Audacity icon from /Applications. If Audacity crashes, please send us a crash report for that problem.

If Audacity opens, try importing your song files one at a time by dragging them into the Audacity window. If Audacity crashes, please send us a crash report for that.

To send us a crash report you can copy the crash report in the crash dialog window then paste it into your reply.

Also please right-click or CONTROL-click over the file > Get Info and tell us the path to the file given in “Where” and the name and extension of the file (for example,

If you convert these song files to AIFF in then import them into Audacity from the same folder as the original songs, do they still crash?

Can you stop the crashes if you reboot the Mac? That sometimes helps.