Audacity crashes once I hit the record button

Dear all,

Last week, I updated my MacBook on the new Ventura OS. Since that, I cannot record anything anymore. The program opens but once I want to start the recording it crashes.

Does anyone else have that problem and know what to do? I couldn’t find anything here in the forum and I also deleted and reinstalled the software.

Thank you very much in advance and best regards!

Windows guy here.
So you seemed to have confirmed that it is not the Audacity program itself. Did you choose to reset Audacity when you reinstalled? If not, you could try Tools > Reset Configuration.

If that happened to me my next step would be to make sure it wasn’t some device or program running on my computer. To do that, I would unplug every USB device then reboot the computer and try again.

Do you get an error message when the crash occurs?
What is your recording source (internal microphone, USB interface, USB microphone, etc?)
What version of Audacity are you using?
– Bill

Hi Bill,

no, I don’t get any error message. I just press the record button and the program is gone. I have been using Audacity for the past 8 weeks with my Rode NT-USB and besides the Ventura update I haven’t change anything.

The version is 2.4.2.

Thank you so much!



I cannot say whether or not it’s the program itself. I just know that since my OS update last week, I cannot record anymore. I can open Audacity, play recorded files but I can’t do any new recordings.

Thanks for the tip with resetting the configurations. Unfortunately, that didn’t help. I also did also a reboot of my Macbook. Didn’t help either. :frowning:

Have you given Audacity permission to use the “microphone”?

Version 2.4.2 is very old. You might want to try the latest version.

– Bill

The latest version works perfectly fine! Thank you so much, Bill!

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