Audacity crashes on opening after installing Waves plugins

Hey guys,

I’m new here and i tried to search the forum for an answer to my problem but couldnt find any.

A while ago i installed some new waves plugins, after that i wanted to open audacity and it asked for the folder where they were installed.
Because i rarely use plugins in aud. i pressed cancel and after that it stalled. So i waited a while and eventually had to force stop the programme.

Since then everytime i try to open it the icon just keeps jumping up and down in the dock and after 2 minutes or so i get a message that audacity quit unexpectedly.
Even after reinstalling this still occurs.

I really hope someone has an answer to this, thanks in advance!

See here:

Thanks for the reply but unfortunately this didnt do the trick.

Check that you are applying Gale’s instructions exactly as described,

I did. I have this .cfg file (wich is recognized as a kontakt file). I opened it with texteditor, changed the script as described in the example and then saved it.
Off course it is then saved as a .rtf file. So i click the filename and change it to .cfg, then it asks if i really want to change it to .cfg and that is what i did.
I assume this is the correct way?

Allright nevermind. I didnt open the folder via go>go to etc. Now i did that and changed the file again and it seemed to work!
Thanks a bunch.

Thanks for letting us know.