Audacity crashes on Equalization effect


I am running OpenSyse 13.1. Audacity works fine. Except for the equalizer effect. Whenever I open it, it crashes. And I really need some radio like walky-talky sound.

I use the opensyse repo version (64 bit) and also tried with packman repos, both do not work.

This is the error message I get:

Expression ‘stream->capture.pcm’ failed in ‘src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c’, line: 4565
Segmentation fault

I would have filed a bug report, but I couldn’t find where to do it.


The issue is probably which was fixed several months ago.

So uninstall the repository version of Audacity and build Audacity from the 2.0.5 tarball or from HEAD then the problem should be fixed.

If you want a walkie talkie effect you can also try Leveler at extreme settings .

See . But we expect bug reports to give the Audacity version number from Help > About Audacity. :wink:


I have done that. The equalizer effect works.

BUT I don’t have any devices anymore. So I can’t playback or record.

If I go to settings, I cannot select the correct soundcard.

Audacity doesn’t remove your sound devices. What do you mean by “settings”? Are you saying you go into Audacity Devices Preferences and see no devices, or you do see your devices, but you get error opening sound device?

Did you compile Audacity correctly ( ) ? If you compiled without portmixer you may need to select your devices in alsamixer.

I have never heard of “OpenSyse”. If you mean OpenSUSE, do you need to put your user in the audio group?

If you prefer you can checkout the revision of Audacity that corresponds with the package version and try making the necessary changes to Equalization.cpp: .

Post the output of aplay -l and arecord-l if you are still stuck.