Audacity crashes loading .AUP format project

Modern HP All in One PC running Windows 11- 22h2
Open Audacity 3.4 (just upgraded to it.)
Select File & Open
All files in root of Audacity folder are displayed. I have a number of .aup project files created under much earlier versions and several .aup3 files created more recently
The .aup3 projects will open and play but the .aup projects cause the application to crash immediately
A problem report window is displayed with the crash diagnostics:

Exception code 0xc00000005
Crash address: 0x0
Process uptime: 53 seconds
and a lot more data.

There is an option to send the report to Audacity but when click Send it reports it has failed (no reason given). I am online so no idea why.

I haven’t tried to open these old project for some time so no idea if a new problem or not.

Can anyone help?

IMPORTANT - I have just installed a separate copy of Audacity 3.3 and this is opening the .aup projects successfully without the error. Could the new version have introduced an error?

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This is a known and logged bug which has already been fixed for the upcoming 3.4.1 maintenance release.


Thanks for the update

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