Audacity crashes everytime I try to open a previous project

I saved it as a .aup file and everytime I try to reopen it inside audacity, audacity glitches, stereotypical windows 7 white screen program fail, and then I’m forced to shut the program down. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I doing something wrong? please halp, it was a large file (1hour and a half) and I would hate to have to rerecord it.

Does it fail to open if you close Audacity and double-click the aup file, or alternately, Right-Click > Open With > Audacity.

An hour long show isn’t that big a deal (unless you have a really tight-for-space machine). I do that regularly at home.

Just to cover all the regular bases: You didn’t try to move either the aup file or the _data folder, right? When you named the show, you didn’t try to use dates or other punctuation marks? 20120321. That’s today’s date. Not 3/21/12.