Audacity crashes due to the mouse malfunction:

Audacity crashes due to the mouse malfunction. I am using Windows XP and using Audacity version 2.0.6. My mouse has a malfunction thing about double clicking, whenever I just press the mouse button once, sometimes. Whenever I use the mouse pointer to turn up the gain or to turn down the gain or to adjust the pan, and the mouse decides to do a double click, sometimes it causes Audacity to crash. The mouse that I use is either a laser mouse or an optical mouse. Why does the mouse click buttons cause Audacity to crash sometimes?

My guess is that the rapid on/of/on/off… mouse commands are crashing the sound system, and that is taking down Audacity. The sound system should be restarted automatically by the operating system, but Audacity would need to be restarted manually.

The one definite thing is that you need a new mouse. I recently bought an Advent wireless mouse for about $5 and it works great - no more lead tangles. I’ve just changed the 2 AAA batteries in it after about 2 months of heavy use.

Are you using 2.0.6 because you lack SP3 or SSE2?

If SP3 is the problem, you should install it, because it will improve the security on your computer (but not as much as installing Linux or later Windows instead).

Double-click on the gain/pan slider should open a dialogue box for gain/pan adjustment. Do you actually see that box before the crash?

If the crashes persist with a new mouse, try WhoCrashed.


I think I already do have Service Pack 3, if that’s what you mean by SP3. There was a time, that I double-clicked on the gain/pan slider, and it came up with the box, and I would enter a number, and then Audacity would crash. I don’t think I had Audacity crash before the dialog box would show up, but I’ve had it crash right after the dialog box had showed up. What if Audacity crashes before the dialog box shows up for the gain/pan slider? What if Audacity crashes after the dialog box showed up for the gain/pan slider? What are the differences with before and after for the gain/pan slider dialog box and its crash? Any how, thank you for recommending WhoCrashed, I will give it a try, some day.

It’s about time for me to get a new mouse. I would like to get a fancy track ball mouse that looks like an Atari 5200 joystick track ball designed for playing Centipede or Missile Command. I would like it to have a scroll real on it. Something that I can just plug into my computer, without having to use batteries. Batteries can be too much of a hassle for me, sometimes. Thank you for the advice.

See How to check which Windows XP Service Pack is installed on your computer.

What we are asking is why are you using Audacity 2.0.6, if your computer can run the current 2.1.3 ?