Audacity Crashes and wipes clean all of my audio

Been having a problem recently where audacity crashes and deletes all of my audio a la the ‘silence audio’ function. all of the boxes that the audio data used to be visually represented in are there… just no audio. This happens when I try to recover the file.

I am using Windows 10, have a phonic firefly 302 USB interface and all the correct drivers for it. My computer is good 'n strong:)
If anyone cuold help me with this it would be fantastic, have lost a lot of work already to it


My computer is good 'n strong:)

How big is the hard drive and how much space do you have left? If you’ve been doing production for a while it may be fuller than you think.

all of the boxes that the audio data used to be visually represented in are there… just no audio.

So Audacity vanishes and when you relaunch, it arrives with no sound? Or Audacity never goes away—so it didn’t crash.

Which virus software do you have? Disconnect from the network, turn the virus software off and see if it still has trouble recording.

Are you trying to record to a Network Connected Drive or other non-local service? Google-Drive?


hello, it is a new harddrive, still have nearly 2 terabytes,

audacity gives me an error then has to be shutdown, when i try to recover it all of the audio has been silenced? the indicator box thingies are still in the places they were, but there is no audio in them. It is like when you use the silence audio function and the shell remains

ill try to anti virus stuff, why wuold that effect it if i may ask? :slight_smile:

ill try to anti virus stuff

Some Anti-Virus packages see Audacity as pure evil and tries to “protect you” from everything Audacity does. Particularly if you’re trying to save work in or near the system files. That can ring several bells.

Another variation is the software will prevent Audacity from updating its cache system. You’re fine as long as the show is in memory, but the instant the cache system is needed, boom, right into the dirt.

Try temporarily to manage the work on your desktop instead of where you have been doing it.


Which version of Audacity? (look in “Help > About Audacity”)
What is the location of Audacity’s temp folder? (look in “Edit > Preferences > Directories”)
Where are you saving the projects?
Please give an example of an actual project file name that has this problem.