Audacity crashes after upgrade to 2.4.2


I’ve just upgraded to 2.4.2 on MAC High Sierra and Audacity keeps freezing and/or crashing as I’m working with it. Not at the same point each time. Help please. It is currently unusable.

Many thanks


Which version of Audacity were you using previously?
Did you have crash problems with that version?
Are you doing the same sort of things in Audacity as previously?
Other than normal macOS updates and updating Audacity, has anything else changed?

I’m having the same problem. Mac OS 10.14.6 (Mojave). Audacity 2.4.2 hangs (crashes with the spinning beachball of death) almost every work session. Usually when I’m applying the Amplify Effect. Have to force quit Audacity. Fortunately, I can usually recover the work via the system autosave. Previous versions have been more stable. I think the prior version I was using was 2.1.1.

Absolutely LOVE this audio editing software!

I am new to Audacity, but I have 2.4.2 and it is crashing consistently throughout the editing process. It did not do this 2 weeks ago. Is there any fix for this?

What has changes in the last 2 weeks? Mac updates? New apps installed? Less drive space? …

At any particular point? For example, when applying specific effects, or when copying from one project to another, or when performing audio cut and paste, or … ?