Audacity crashes 3-5 seconds after opening

As I am rather new to Audacity crashing, I do not know where to find crash logs, but here is my problem:

Every time I open Audacity, it closes itself after 3-5 seconds. I was using version 2.1.2, and I checked the website to find 2.1.3 was released, so I uninstalled 2.1.2 and installed 2.1.3, but the crashes continued. I am running 64 bit Windows 10. I’m sorry I can’t provide more information. Where are crash logs generated, if at all?

Try reinstalling 2.1.3 and select the option to “Reset Preferences” when that option appears.
On first launch, confirm that you want to reset preferences.
What happens then? Does it crash?

I don’t see a reset preferences button, but yes, it still crashes after a complete reinstall.

Resetting preferences is the important step. Reinstalling without resetting preferences is unlikely to make any difference.

If you are using the .exe installer on Windows, then there is a checkbox option during the installation process. Re-install again and be sure to read each dialog screen and check (tick / confirm) the option to reset preferences.

As for resetting settings, will deleting the audacity folder in Appdata/roaming do?
Also, I’ve discovered something strange. When run on one user, Audacity works, but when run on another user, it does not.

I have already given my advice. You are of course free to ignore it.

I’m sorry, I forgot to mention I don’t use the installer due to permissions issues.

Perhaps that’s the problem. What are the “permission issues”?

Administrator permissions. And I’ve managed to fix the problem myself, it was a problem with parental controls software. Thanks for your help, and sorry for bothering you.

I have the same problem :bulb: