Audacity Crashed

Hi …

I just lost 10 hours of recording/editing … I had been working, saved all my stuff … closed down my computer and then went back to it a half hour later. And I got the message that said …“a bug, a crash,” and something else, with three things to do: open it temporarily with only part of hte sound, fix it by hand, or something else.

What did I do wrong? I am an audiobook narrator and am on a tight schedule. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry you had a problem, but you would have saved time by posting to the Forum for your operating system and version of Audacity so we don’t have to ask. Your last topic was in 1.2 Windows, but it sounds as if you are using a 1.3 version of Audacity. So what exact three-digit version of Audacity (see Help > About Audacity) and what version of Windows?

You need to be clearer about what happened. You describe a “crash” but it sounds to me that you re-opened a saved .aup file normally, but received one or more error dialogues. If the errors are only about “orphan” files (not “missing” files") and there is no missing audio in that project you may be OK, but to be safe for now do not choose any option to delete files or to permanently replace them with silence.

If you have not already done so I would exit the project without making changes, download 1.3.13 Beta, then open the project in that version. You will see similar errors, but this time click Help > Show Log. Top left of the log there is a “Log” button. Click the button then “Save…” to save the log as a .txt file. Then upload the file as an attachment to your reply (“Upload attachment” underneath the message Preview/Submit buttons).