audacity crashed my laptop-have recording data file

Hello–was using A with usb A/D converter-recording was 1.5 hours-have done this many times -found laptop frozen-got it on and located a data file for the project in appdata–it has an e00 folder-this has three folders; do1,do2, do3–how can i use these to recreate my project–respectfully i dont care right now why it crashed-just want to recover the project- then i will figure out the rest–I thank you in advance and hope you can help me
toshiba laptop- w7 pro-64bit–audacity 2.1.0

Hello, please don’t abbreviate. Was “A” Audacity?

What is the make and model number of that converter? Does it need special drivers supplied by the manufacturer? If so, you should make sure you have those drivers.

If you record regularly with USB converters, you should reboot the computer regularly.

Audacity does not have the kernel permissions to freeze or crash your computer. Some lower level problem caused that.

Just restart Audacity. It should then show you an “Automatic Crash Recovery” dialogue and you should be able to press a button to recover the project. See