Audacity crashed - created crash data - tried to restart - said open in another window - crashed

hi - I was recording from the radio for 7 hours (I’m on the radio and wanted a recording). I am on a 6-month-old laptop with Windows 11.

Suddenly I noticed there were 5 weird dialogue boxes each saying: “An Unhandled exception occurred. press abort to terminate the program, retry to exit the program normally and ignore to try to continue"

One by one I closed/aborted them, and when I got to the last one Audacity crashed, the screen went black, a crash data file popped up, I hit the button that said to SEND that data (Crash Reason: 0x40000015 / 0x00000001 etc etc).

I re-opened Audacity and the file popped up. But it said “The system has detected that another copy of Audacity is running.”

With that, it shut down. When I tried to reopen nothing there – no back-up or anything. File gone.

Can anyone explain what’s going on here?

Is there someplace where my recording might have been saved?

Any reason why no one is responding to my question…but people are responding to every other call for help…?

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