Audacity crashed, but recovery lost audio

Hi, I have been using Audacity 2.3.0 for editing my podcast audio on my mac, but last night it crashes suddenly. When I opened it again it asked for recovery and a did so. But something went off and it complained about child files and related, now the project is exactly how it was, all tracks properly positioned but there is no sound or waveform. I couldn’t solve this issue, and it would cost 5 hours of my time if I can’t get the sound back. I’ve saved the project multiple times before the crash, I was hoping there were some version control software like Git. Thanks for any help!

For future reference, 2.3.0 added a new command: File > Save Project > Save Lossless Copy of Project…

This enables you to make safety copies of the project under different name(s) and continue working in the same project.