Audacity crashed and all tracks are silenced (Have the .aus)

I was recording a song and had a project open with about 80 tracks in it (all starting at different times).
I must have pressed control+the wrong button by mistake (ctrl+k?) and it selected all tracks and silenced them,
which was too much for my pc to handle and it crashed.
When I reopened audacity it recovered the project with all 80 tracks silenced…
However, I found the .au files in the temp folder and the vocals are still there, the problem is that they are out of order and all 6 seconds long…
Is there anyway to restore them to how they were? I’m low key panicking over here and would appreciate any help a lot!!

We should wait for a senior elf, but once you start editing a project, the little AU fragments have no relation to each other (some aren’t even sound). If the show died without a good AUP Project Manager file (written last) to keep track of it all, then that may be the end of the show.

Which Audacity do you have—by number?


Thanks for your response.
I can’t find a .aup file, should it also be in the same temp folder as the .au files?
I hadn’t saved the project yet, so i wouldn’t know where else to look.
I’m using Audacity version 2.1.0.

80 tracks is a lot and will probably make the project slow.

There is no AUP file until you save the project. There is an AUTOSAVE file which is what Audacity was trying to recover from.

It is important you don’t save the project while it is incorrect. If you need to exit Audacity, force quit it in Task Manager so that Audacity does not ask you about saving changes.

Can you post the log from Help > Show Log… after trying to recover? See here for how to attach files:

There is a way to recover AU files manually but only the files for the recording you were making are likely to be in the correct order.