Audacity crashed after enabling one VST plug-in

I haven’t any problems with VST plugins. But suddenly after enable some plugins, Audacity crashed. Good example of this is MDA Combo. Another MDA plugins works good, except this plug-in.
Please, could You look on It?
Thank You.

Read this forum post:

This effect isn’t real-time and I have used It normally from the effects menu. It isn’t VST3.

MDA Combo is from 1998, so it’s going to be 32-bit, which will definitely not run on 64-bit Audacity.
(and as it’s ~24 years old I doubt it will run on 32-bit Audacity either).

Update: I just tested MDA Combo on 32-bit Audacity 2-3-2,
sometimes it works, but crashes Audacity very frequently.

If you just need an speaker-cabinet simulator, “AirWindows” has free ones, 32 & 64 bit,
no graphics, just slider controls, e.g. “fireamp” … [Windows only]

Thank You.
Ofcourse, I use both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Audacity due to those things. Also, most of MDA effects works good, except MDA Combo. Also, thank You for this alternative. I’ll try It.

I just noticed that ‘‘MDA Combo’’ is working in OCENaudio, but just appears as ‘‘W'' in the effects menu. ![''MDA Combo'' working in OCENaudio, but just appears as '''W’’ in the effects menu.png|623x567](upload://ntslCA6UW8VrdwXlqZT6rKzV8r9.png)