Audacity Crash

I recently download and installed Audacity 2.0.3. My computer is a Latitude D610 running Windows XP Service Pace 3.
After installing Audacity, I launched it. It barely got to the interface before my computer crashed with a BSoD saying “Page_Fault_in_Nonpaged_Area”.
I would like to use Audacity, so please help me fix this!
Note: Reinstalling Audacity didn’t help.

If the operating system crashes it is not an Audacity problem.

Although the error suggests a memory problem, it is still more likely to be a driver issue that is causing that memory problem.

The crash dump should give you more information. Please see: .

As a simpler test, you could try removing any external audio devices you may have connected, or try disabling any “virtual” audio devices you may have installed that are software rather than a physical device.

There is no harm in testing the memory if you are concerned.

If Windows XP has it, you could try Start > Run and type in


(this is available on Windows 7 as a built-in memory tester).

If not you could try assuming this is a 32-bit computer.

The Microsoft memory tester has not been available for some time now.