Audacity crash when opening Plot Spectrum

Last night while editing a FLAC file captured earlier in the afternoon, Audacity 2.1.1 crashed after selecting a small sample of audio, and while adding LABELS. I was trying to separate two closely spaces ‘words’, seeing if the spectrum could identify when the voice tone changed. It was maybe a one-word or less selection.

Luckily… Audacity recovered both the audio and label track. :slight_smile:

What’s the minimum sample in terms of seconds that Plot Spectrum can process?

Also… I think Audacity needs to have a customizable toolbar, because Ctrl+V and Ctrl+N are too close to Ctrl+B on the keyboard, and that means there’s a lot of mistakes trying to ADD new labels, that is doing a Ctrl+B.

You can easily customize your shortcuts (make changes or add new ones) - See this page in the Manual:


Some “crash issues” with Plot Spectrum have been fixed in the development code for Audacity 2.1.2, so it should be more stable in the next release. There are still some issues in Plot Spectrum to be tackled, so we should see further improvements over the next couple of releases.

Ok thanks, I’d be happy with remapping the LABEL keyboard shortcut from Ctrl+B to some F-key… because this is a GREAT feature which i use a lot. Maybe make IMPORT Label Track more accessible by moving it to the main File pull-down menu? instead of a sub-menu? :stuck_out_tongue:

Still would like to see the ability to add tool buttons to a User or Custom toolbar. Just one [toolbar] would do it.

Can you think of a good F-key you use?.. suggest an available F-key?


That depends on the sample rate of the track. For lower sample rates you need greater length to plot.

Also, choosing higher sizes in Plot Spectrum requires more samples to analyze. Plot Spectrum will say if it does not have enough data.

Then others will want import audio in the root of File, and others will want MIDI and I guess many will be saying the File menu is too long.

Even though Import Labels doesn’t have a shortcut by default, you can add a shortcut for it in Keyboard Preferences.

OK, we can make a note of that.


I like that idea of a user configurable toolbar - though I can see it tricky getting the GUI right for the management of such a toolbar.

I seem to recall a similar discussion elsewhere recently - or am I dreaming ?


Finding currently unused shortcuts for customization can be a bit tricky - but the DUI dialog will warn you if you try to reassign an existing shortcut. And there is no guarantee that any fresh shortcut you choose will not in the future be used by a developer.

To that end I wrote a short proposal a while back for a set of reserved keys set aside for users and not developers - see:
But to date this proposal has not been taken up (but it gives you a guide as to some currently unused key combinations).

Personally, when I set up a few customized shortcuts a while back I was looking for a grouped set and settled finally on ALT plus the arrow keys and now have:
ALT + UP - Amplify
ALT + DOWN - Repair
ALT + LEFT - Fade In
ALT+ RIGHT - Studio Fade Out

I also have reset the “Play/Stop and set cursor” from the awkward Shift+A to KEYBOARD_INSERT on the numerical keypad (but I have to remember to ensure that Numlock is “off” on the numpad)


Are you aware that there is also Ctrl+M which places a label at the current recording or playback position?
I find that a very often used function too.

I use Ctrl+B an awful lot too but never find myself mis-keying it :confused:


It was suggested all toolbars could be capable of customisation - e.g. if you want to remove the zoom buttons from Edit Toolbar, you could do so.

I think the idea here is different. It is a “Favourites” toolbar showing only the buttons you want from any toolbar. It could contain e.g. only a Play and Stop button and a Scissors icon then you would hide all the other toolbars.