Audacity Crash Recovery - Gary Vee Interview (Help)

I am running Audacity 2.2.0 on Mac OS 10.14.4. Yesterday was a huge day for me as I had the opportunity to interview Gary Vaynerchuck. The interview went perfectly and the content was great. But then disaster struck, as I was talking to him, I unplugged the USB mic before saving the file by accident. This caused Audacity to crash.

I have looked in /Users//Library/Application Support/audacity/SessionData but there is nothing there. Have I just lost my biggest interview to date? I’m a desperate man so any help or assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated and will gladly buy anyone a beer who can rescue :astonished: me.

Have you tried restarting Audacity?
In most cases after a crash, Audacity will be able to automatically recover the project, which then allows you to safely save the project.

If Audacity says there are orphan files DO NOT DELETE THEM. Make a note of the exact error message, and cancel the operation (which will exit Audacity). Then post back here with the full and complete error message.