Audacity crash reason exception access violation read

I have recorded a podcast with voice and music underneath. When I click on effects and want to go to EQ & filters to adjust the bass and then save it, I get an error message. No answer on the forum has helped me so far. Who can help me out?

It is always best to save the original audio first, then do editing work in a copy.

So save it as a .WAV and exit or close the project. Open a new project and see if you have the same difficulty. What is the exact text of the message ?

Saving the file as a .wav file works, but then I can no longer adjust the music separately from the text.

Well, you are making progress. I assume your “text” refers to labels. Try Export Labels, then Import Labels with the .WAV file

sorry, it doesn’t work

Try selecting only the audio before running the effect(s).

If that doesn’t work, post your audio and your label track somewhere; I’ll take a look at it.

…of course, you could always just add the label back in after the Effect.

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